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Development partner and system supplier for
highly efficient low-emission combustion and energy systems

MEKU Metal Processing GmbH is one of the leading partners of the national and international heating industry. MEKU develops, manufactures and sells high-quality mixing equipment and high-quality firing systems for oil and gas burners.

MEKU’s success is based on consistent research and development work and on the company’s consistent customer orientation. Customer satisfaction has become the benchmark for the high product quality. In this way, and thanks to a wide range of expertise, MEKU has earned an excellent reputation as a system supplier and development partner to the heating industry:

  • Components for oil burners and climate-neutral fuels
  • Low-NOx Technology
  • Energy and firing technology
  • Blue Flame Mixing Systems
  • High Temperature Technology
  • Individual short and special tubes
  • Stamping and bending parts / Forming technology / Sheet metal processing
  • Sample and tool making
  • Specialist welding company
  • Research and development

The MEKU philosophy

Business potential yesterday, today and tomorrow

Our understanding of social and corporate progress is based on the balance and harmonization of ecology and economy. The energy-saving and environmentally friendly use of fossil and regenerative liquid and gaseous fuels and their highly efficient, low-pollution and residue-free combustion is therefore an obligation and challenge for us and provides the impetus for our business activities.

The patented newly developed MEKU oil-blue-fire mixing equipment contributes significantly to energy saving and resource conservation by maximizing fuel energy utilization with lowest CO and NOx emissions. The quality of oil and gas burner systems is decisively influenced by the design and precision of the combustion system in operation. The use of MEKU technologies enables to remain below the strict German and European emission limits.

The excellent networking of our company with national and international universities and institutes enables us to develop new and further technologies in the fields of energy,

environmental protection and combustion engineering. MEKU is currently designing a burner system for the use of biogenic pyrolysis oil as part of the European Union’s “Horizon 2020” research and innovation initiative. An insight into the research work is provided on the project homepage

In MEKU’s development laboratory and design office, engineers and technicians develop new ideas and solutions for the cost-effective production of particularly energy-saving and low-emission combustion systems with high stability, robust quality and service-friendly handling.

Almost all significant manufacturers of oil burners and oil heating systems in Europe form our customer base and are keen to draw on our many years of experience in the combustion equipment sector.

True to the “MEKU in-house” philosophy, we manufacture all individual parts and assemblies ourselves at our plant in Dauchingen.

Our corporate understanding and goal is to meet customer needs by providing excellent and high-quality products and services. The success of our customers is the focus of all our considerations and services.

Our customers thus determine the quality goals and quality requirements of our products. MEKU has lived and breathed the successful cooperation with customers and suppliers for many years and is constantly expanding it.

We want to convey to our customers and suppliers that our quality awareness is of great importance for mutual benefit, thus ensuring a successful long-term cooperation. Our employees contribute to achieving this goal with their strong customer orientation and high professionalism.