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The Herrmann Group is an owner-managed group of companies with over 100 employees with sales and service partners around the world.

In addition to our innovative humidification solutions from Lavair AG Klimatechnik, we also offer a state-of-the-art machine plant with MEKU Metal Processing, in which we manufacture all our stainless steel components as well as process individual customer orders.

In addition to the above, there is SUPART, an engineering company that carries out high-tech design projects and seeks to provide solutions for complex technical systems. The Herrmann Group is complemented by the traditional medium-sized company Herrmann GmbH u. Co.KG, the worldwide market leader in the field of future-oriented burner solutions and is at the heart of the Herrmann Group at the same time.

Herrmann GmbH u. Co. KG

Herrmann GmbH u. Co. KG

As a medium-sized family business, Herrmann GmbH u. Co. KG have been producing and delivering burner technology around the world since 1958. The corner stone of the company at that time was the production and sale of special burners for cooking, range and smoking systems. Today the company is successfully operating under the supervision of the second generation of the family with modern product designs and concepts.

Direct exchange with our customers and the development of customer-specific solutions as well as fair and honest dealings with our business partners remain an important part of our corporate philosophy and form part of our central guiding principle: Innovation and quality.

Our focus is on providing the best quality and working towards absolute customer satisfaction, which we ensure thanks to our continuous employee training and further education as well as practice-oriented investment in research and development.

MEKU Metal Processing GmbH

MEKU Metal Processing GmbH

MEKU Metal Processing GmbH has been one of the leading partners of the national and international heating industry for more than 40 years.

In addition to the development and production of high-quality mixing equipment and high-quality firing systems for oil and gas burners, bespoke precision parts, sheet metal, punched and pressed parts for a wide variety of industries are also produced and sold directly from the company’s own factory to a wide range of industrial sectors.

The company remains committed to their goal – to meet customer needs through the provision of excellent, high quality products and services. This is evidenced by the ISO 9001:2015 certification among other certifications awarded to the company.

Thanks to their strong customer orientation and professionalism, the employees help contribute towards not only achieving this goal but also to exceeding this goal – success through consistent quality.

Lavair AG Klimatechnik

Lavair was founded back in 1996 and quickly developed into a market leader as a manufacturer of air washers. Our focus was on new, innovative humidification systems from an early stage as well as conventional applications for air washers. As a result, Lavair has always been one of the leading international system suppliers of humidification solutions for ventilation systems.

At our production sites in Aach on Lake Constance and in China, all systems are adapted to customer-specific requirements and dimensions. The systems are used in a variety of applications, e.g. paint shops, climate-controlled building ventilation, clean room technology, biofiltration and exhaust air purification.

Thanks to the know-how of our qualified personnel, we have always maintained our values: provide the highest quality with short delivery times and always ensure absolute customer satisfaction



SUPART sees a technical challenge where others see only technical difficulties. The company has consistently strived to develop the best technical solutions to challenges since the company was established in 2016.

Non-sector specific projects are characterised by a level of technical complexity and the challenge of developing new designs to help shape the future.

SUPART sees itself as a co-thinker, lateral thinker and provider of solutions in the specialist disciplines of hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, structural analysis and CAD-technical concept development, among others. From development and testing; certified prototype construction to series production, the entire spectrum is covered by a team of highly qualified, technically adept and enthusiastic engineers.

SUPART solves your technical challenges – in a comprehensive, professional and competent manner.