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Development partner and system supplier for
highly efficient low-emission combustion and energy systems

MEKU Metal Processing GmbH is one of the leading partners of the national and international heating industry. MEKU develops, manufactures and sells high-quality mixing equipment and high-quality firing systems for oil and gas burners.

MEKU’s success is based on consistent research and development work and on the company’s consistent customer orientation. Customer satisfaction has become the benchmark for the high product quality. In this way, and thanks to a wide range of expertise, MEKU has earned an excellent reputation as a system supplier and development partner to the heating industry:

  • Components for oil burners and climate-neutral fuels
  • Low-NOx Technology
  • Energy and firing technology
  • Blue Flame Mixing Systems
  • High Temperature Technology
  • Individual short and special tubes
  • Stamping and bending parts / Forming technology / Sheet metal processing
  • Sample and tool making
  • Specialist welding company
  • Research and development

MEKU products for low-emission and highly efficient combustion systems

  • Baffle plates
  • Flame tubes
  • Recirculation pipes
  • Combustion chambers
  • Blue Flame Mixing Systems
  • Burner housing made of sheet steel and aluminium
  • Boiler flanges
  • Ignition electrodes
  • Stamping and bending parts, forming technology
  • Tools and devices

Research & Development

Innovative products for the efficient use of biogenic and fossil liquid fuels at lowest emission levels.

The burner systems are developed, tested and produced independently by MEKU.

The Product development is carried out in close cooperation with the customer and according to our own targets with the support of the employees of the laboratory/prototype construction, tool shop and engineering department.

The blue flame mixing heads of the series MB, MBK and MBF enable the development of highly efficient blue flame burners in a power range of 8-150 kW.

MEKU makes an active contribution to reducing climate-damaging CO2 emissions, because only soot-free blue-flame technology enables the operation of highly efficient, fuel-saving condensing boiler technology using liquid fuels.

Production with 40 years of experience

„Made in Germany“

True to the “MEKU in-house” philosophy, we manufacture all individual parts and assemblies ourselves at our plant in Dauchingen.

The tools, jigs and fixtures and special machines are also designed, built and tested

in our in-house tool and equipment construction department, which enables a high level of flexibility and machine safety in the production process.

You can find the details of our production possibilities here…

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